The world has entered the dark age of customer data

The digital world is in a state of constant evolution where change is inevitable, and adaption is a necessity. Data has become hard to harness in the complex tech landscapes that are continuously impacted by industry structural changes.
Crystal Box helps overcome these challenges by making the sophistication of digital leaders available to the broader business community, helping you adapt to regulatory changes while harnessing the most value from your data.

We call this enlightened customer connections. See clearly. Act decisively.

Industry structural changes

Innovation has spearheaded the development of the online marketplace through walled gardens, changes to cookies policy, unified IDs and more, bringing it on par and ahead of traditional marketing strategies. Digital data allows businesses to better understand their customers leading to higher conversions through the implementation of correct market segmentation and strategies. 

However, to protect customers from the dark side of the online world, rules and regulation surrounding privacy and data collection are constantly changing, attempting to keep up with digital progression.

Our solution allows you to keep up with new digital policy, and pivot quickly when needed, while maximising your data capabilities securely.

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Data black boxes

Traditionally the media supply chain has reaped the rewards of customer insights as the external third parties and walled gardens your business uses have access and control of your data. Not only does this create an array of privacy concerns for you and your customers, but these third parties are at liberty to commercialise your data for themselves and your competitors, taking away its unique value. Furthermore, data black boxes restrict access to your data impeding your ability to learn customer trends and action insights.

The Crystal Box solution solves this by moving you to first party systems, securing your data from third parties and competitors. We also provide AI technology that sifts through raw data, enriching it into valuable, actionable insights!

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Complex tech landscapes

With the everchanging nature of the digital space there are a multitude of tech solutions available, however most are complex, require new solutions, and rarely solve ALL your problems.

Crystal Box provides a simple solution that caters to a spectrum of digital needs, including but not limited to; privacy and security, data enrichment, first party systems, addressability and media supply chain efficiencies, while bolstering your digital strategies to increase customer insights and revenue.

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Hard to harness data

The large third-party closed media platforms and ecosystems such as Google and Facebook (commonly known as walled gardens) will present data in disconnected, and disparate forms. With a lack of resources and talent, most businesses struggle to harness the value of their own data.

Crystal Box has the experience and expertise to move you to first party systems, removing the over reliance on external walled gardens, while providing you the tools to correctly harness your customer data with minimal operational changes or new skill sets required.

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Crystal Box is best equipped to maximise the value of your customer data

Crystal Box was created with the mission to counter the complexities in harnessing value from your hard earned data. We've produced a system which lives in your operating environment restoring control of data back to you, the rightful owner.

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