Optimising your data capabilities

Traditionally companies have been happy to leave data collection to external entities by either purchasing third party audiences or placing their faith in walled gardens like Google and Facebook. Unfortunately, this has led to a plethora of issues in the space of privacy, control of data, and in obtaining convertible audiences, forcing businesses to alternative measures.
Beyond that you are now faced with the challenge of preparing for a world in which third party cookies will no longer exist. Crystal Box solves these issues bringing control of your digital ecosystem back to you. 


Move from third party to first party data

The everchanging digital space has landed a powerful blow to the online marketplace in third party cookies being deprecated. The good news is that this will not occur until 2023 giving you time to prepare. The future lies in first party digital, which can be daunting without the right expertise and technology supporting your business. Crystal Box allows for a seamless transition into a first party system with minimal changes to existing processes and skillsets.


New data = new revenue

With Crystal Box bolted on to your existing systems your data collection rates will jump from 1.6 data points per customer per year to over 160 per day, all of which will be first party obtained. Coupled with the Crystal Box proprietary AI, all this new raw data can be turned into enriched actionable insights which will contribute to understanding your customers better, creating opportunity to segment your audience and personalise your messages, thus increasing conversions and ultimately your revenue! You will have complete control of how you utilise your unique insights, not third parties or competitors.

New data = new revenue


Data security and privacy for you and your customers

Restructure the digital supply chain by building your own walled garden that partners and publishers connect to, giving you an advantage over key competitors as well as rivalling industry leaders. In doing this not only will you take back control of your data, but you will secure it for yourself and for your customers as external walled gardens no longer have the ability to commercialise your unique data.

Furthermore, with the transparent digital supply chain Crystal Box provides you are still able to use the audiences provided by third parties or walled gardens when you choose to without relinquishing control of all your data.

Data security and privacy