Let the Crystal Box AI work for you

While every business has had access to some form of customer data, being able to understand and activate that data has always been notoriously difficult. The Crystal Box proprietary AI solves this problem by turning data into actionable insights.

To create a competitive advantage in the digital space your data needs to be stronger, more powerful and far more unique so you can grasp the best understanding of your audience, thereby allowing you to employ correct media strategies and execute them with maximum return. 

The Crystal Box AI solution is more than an 'off the shelf' algorithm set up to churn data quicker than the average analyst. Our system is a data enrichment machine, tailored specifically to analyse your raw data beyond basic demographics and find trends to not only provide optimised insights, but actionable attributes.


Maximise value from your data


Boost analyst efficiency


AI attributes bolster marketing efforts

Time and cost savings

By deploying Crystal Box AI, you will cut costs across several areas allowing you to reinvest your analytics, marketing and tech budgets elsewhere. We automate the time and manpower traditionally allocated to enriching raw data points allowing your teams to spend time on getting value out of the insights, not creating them. We will produce more unique insights without adding to the cost of this process as well as providing solutions to storing and managing your greater breadth of data.

Time and cost savings

Segment and personalise

Using enriched data to understand your target audience will supply you with unique attributes that will allow your business to better segment its customers and personalise messages to different groups, maximising conversions and revenue. In doing so you will minimise churn, unsubscribe and communication bounce rates, increasing audience retention and engagement.

Segment and personalise

More valuable insights

The Crystal Box AI will not only enrich your data, exponentially increasing the breadth and depth of your knowledge, but it is specifically trained to work with customer data in locating the most relevant insights that can be activated across channels to harness the most value from your data. You will create unique data points specific to your business and customers that only you can commercialise and benefit from all while setting you apart from competitors.

More valuable insights

Applying your enriched data

Optimising and enriching data only solves part of the problem, what you do with your new unique, powerful data is vital in maximising customer conversion and retention rates as well as overall profitability. Crystal Box's expertise will assist in evolving your digital marketing strategy to an addressable marketing solution, ensuring you make the best use of your data.

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Connect with your customers

The first party solution

AI data enrichment means nothing if you haven't organised your company's first party data systems. With the incoming expulsion of third party cookies it has never been more crucial to transition in to first party data collection. Are you and your business prepared?

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Exponentially increase your customer knowledge