The Addressable Solution: One-to-one marketing at scale

Harnessing first party data opens the door to an improved digital marketing solution that will increase conversion rates for your audience.

Switching from the soon to be extinct third party cookie system to first party-based data collection allows you to deploy an addressable media strategy, activating new marketing techniques. This will enable you to capitalise on a direct approach to communicating with your audience across channels.



One simplified channel agnostic system to connect with customers


Maximise communication effectiveness with personalisation


Optimise your media budget with better measurement

Segment and personalise

The addressable solution caters a direct approach to marketing allowing you to accurately segment and target your audience across all channels, personalising comms at multiple touchpoints in the consumer journey.

Segment and personalise

Data capture and enrichment

Capturing previously leaked and larger quantities of rich raw data, filtered through the Crystal Box AI technology, provides the best actionable insights, and unlocks new metrics to measure your marketing performance more accurately.

Data capture and enrichment


Refine your strategies and make optimal use of your media budget with a transparent addressable solution.

Measure the true value of your marketing through uplift metrics, including online to offline conversions giving you the full picture.

What does this mean for you?

By moving to addressable marketing, you will co-ordinate the marketing funnel extending the scope of strategies you employ on a digital scale! 

  • Bolster your email capabilities¬†
  • Introduce cross channel targeting strategies
  • Use your own segments and customer groups with publishers beyond Google and Facebook
  • Tailor creative dynamically, based on customer behaviours observed in your proprietary data
  • Capture data that would otherwise be leaked via your marketing operations and turn it into valuable insights


What does this mean for you